Rancho Toa River Boat Ride

Toa River Boat Ride Baracoa

Another interesting thing to do while in Baracoa is our boat ride tour through a section of the Toa River, the largest river in Cuba.

The tour offers Nature and adventure, a unique experience along the Toa River, bordering our farmer’s real life plantations putting you in direct contact with the protected nature reserve of the Sagua-Baracoa massif.

Nearby birds abound and are easy to observe, including rare species of great scientific and ecological value such as; the Almiquí, the Polimita (yellow, red and brown endemic to our hills and forest) the Parrot and the Tocororo amongst many others.

At midday we will stop for a break, mooring the boats on the banks of the Toa river at our rustic ranch and indulging in a true Baracoa style farmers lunch with traditional dishes exclusive to our region and we are sure you’ve never seen or tasted before buy you’ll undoubtedly love!