El Yunque de Baracoa | Anvil Mountain Baracoa

El Yunque Baracoa

El Yunque or Anvil Mountain is an elevation of vertical slopes and flat top 8 kilometers away from the city. El Yunque became a local symbol and orientation point for the seamen who crossed through the adjacent seas. The Anvil Mountain fauna is rich and diverse, with plenty of woodpeckers, the Tocororo (Cuba’s national bird), hummingbirds, hutias, lizards, reptiles, and other species. At a height of 573 meters El Yunque offers a natural viewpoint over an immense lagoon and the vast landscape of green mountains surrounding the City. A perfect vantage point to see Baracoa’s numerous rivers and streams as they meander into the bay of Baracoa. Anvil Mountain known locally as El Yunque, was declared a National Monument in 1980 due to its natural and historic values to seafarers.