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Hotel La Rusa Baracoa

Address: Maximo Gomez 161, Baracoa, Cuba Hotel La Rusa Baracoa is a boutique hotel with just 12 rooms located in the center of Baracoa, right next to the seawall and ocean. The views from Hotel La Rusa are simply stunning, offering an unhindered view over the Baracoa Bay and the immediate city. Frequented by the […]

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All Hotels in Baracoa Cuba

Looking for a Hotel in Baracoa Cuba? Below is a complete list of hotels that are actually in Baracoa. This list of Hotels in Baracoa only includes those hotels which are in the city and province, which includes: City Center, Baracoa Malecon, Playa Maguana, Playa Nibujon and Cuchillas de Toa in Baracoa Province. Booking Baracoa […]

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