Municipal Museum of Baracoa

Fort of Matachin Baracoa

Housed in the old fort of Matachín, one of three fortifications built during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to protect the city from pirates and privateers.

El Museo Municpal de Baracoa includes archaeological collections of the aboriginal era, insights into the rich historical background of Baracoa, the presence of the rebel troops commanded by General Antonio Maceo and his assault on the city, as well as relevant aspects of its contemporary development. Also collections and samples of the endemic flora and fauna of the region are on display. Likewise, elements relating to the culture and locally famous characters such as La Rusa (founder of the La Rusa Hotel in Baracoa), who inspired the famous Cuban writer and novelist Alejo Carpentier to create the character of Vera in his novel “The Rite of Spring”. Visit this link for more Museums in Cuba