Hotel La Rusa Baracoa

Hotel La Rusa Baracoa Cuba

Address: Maximo Gomez 161, Baracoa, Cuba

Hotel La Rusa Baracoa is a boutique hotel with just 12 rooms located in the center of Baracoa, right next to the seawall and ocean. The views from Hotel La Rusa are simply stunning, offering an unhindered view over the Baracoa Bay and the immediate city. Frequented by the likes of Che Guevara, Errol Flynn, Fidel Castro & Raul Castro, the Hotel La Rusa in Baracoa is an iconic gem with lots of history despite its tiny size and unassuming character. The history of the hotel dates back to 1917 when a Russian immigrant who fled the Russian Revolution established herself in Baracoa Cuba and opened the hotel La Rusa (Spanish for the Russian).

All rooms have twin beds, air conditioning & satellite TV offering numerous international channels. Considering the outstanding sea views and famous past guests, the Hotel La Rusa should be high on your list of places to stay in Baracoa Cuba.

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