Hotel La Habanera Baracoa

Hotel La Habanera Baracoa

Address: Calle Maceo Esq. a Frank Pais, Baracoa, Cuba

Hotel La Habanera in Baracoa Cuba is 12 room boutique hotel offering the colonial charm of the typical hacienda design of all rooms surrounding a central atrium patio and internal garden area. Ideally located on the main street of Baracoa downtown it’s just a few steps from the main plaza and is part of a recently restored colonial-era building dating back to 1867. High ceilings continue the airy hacienda design while keeping the interiors cool as the breeze brushes the balconies featured in each room. The main balconies of the Hotel La Habanera overlook the vibrant Calle Maceo and the Central Park in Baracoa.

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