Hotel El Castillo Baracoa

Hotel El Castillo Baracoa

Address: Calixto Garcia Street, Baracoa, Cuba

Hotel El Castillo Baracoa is a 34 room hotel overlooking the city of Baracoa. The hotel is actually an old Spanish colonial fort converted into a marvelous hotel installation offering splendid views of the mountains, the city and the bays of Baracoa. Hotel El Castillo amenities include a pool and lobby bar from where you can enjoy the best view of the bay, Miel River and the Anvil of Baracoa. The hotel also features a restaurant, a little shop and a very large swimming pool. You are just steps away from your visit of the historic heart of the city and it’s declared a national monuments; the fortresses of Matachin and La Punta; the fortress towers of Joa or the Toa River, Baracoa cemetery and much more.

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