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Hotel Hostal 1511 Baracoa

Address: Calle Maximo Gomez, Baracoa, Cuba Hotel 1511 Baracoa was inaugurated in 2011 and is the most recent addition to the Hotels in Baracoa Cuba. However, the hotel is steeped in history as it is located in no less than the first ever Villa of Diego Velazquez built in 1511. Its central location affords it easy […]

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Hotel Porto Santo Baracoa

Address: Carretera del Aeropuerto, Baracoa, Cuba Hotel Porto Santo Baracoa blends elements of a luxurious city center hotel with the enveloping nature of Baracoa in Cuba. The name Porto Santo is derived from the name given to Baracoa by Christopher Columbus and what became the first town founded by the Spanish Colonizers and is now […]

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Hotel El Castillo Baracoa

Address: Calixto Garcia Street, Baracoa, Cuba Hotel El Castillo Baracoa is a 34 room hotel overlooking the city of Baracoa. The hotel is actually an old Spanish colonial fort converted into a marvelous hotel installation offering splendid views of the mountains, the city and the bays of Baracoa. Hotel El Castillo amenities include a pool […]

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Hotel La Habanera Baracoa

Address: Calle Maceo Esq. a Frank Pais, Baracoa, Cuba Hotel La Habanera in Baracoa Cuba is 12 room boutique hotel offering the colonial charm of the typical hacienda design of all rooms surrounding a central atrium patio and internal garden area. Ideally located on the main street of Baracoa downtown it’s just a few steps […]

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Hotel La Rusa Baracoa

Address: Maximo Gomez 161, Baracoa, Cuba Hotel La Rusa Baracoa is a boutique hotel with just 12 rooms located in the center of Baracoa, right next to the seawall and ocean. The views from Hotel La Rusa are simply stunning, offering an unhindered view over the Baracoa Bay and the immediate city. Frequented by the […]

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Hotel Villa Gaviota Baracoa

Address: Calle 70 1a y 3a Miramar, Baracoa, Cuba Hotel Villa Gaviota Baracoa is perfectly located right in the center of Baracoa. With its private beach the hotel also boasts true solitude, if this is what you search. Just a short stroll from the hotel you’ll be directly in the midst of the best public […]

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Hotel Villa Maguana Baracoa Cuba

Address: Carretera a Moa, Baracoa, Cuba Villa Maguana Baracoa is about as exclusive a resort as anyone would wish. Just 4 Villas are offered on Baracoa’s idyllic Playa Maguana beach. Guests are literally 10 meters from the crystal clear Caribbean waters. Hotel Villa Maguana is located 21km (13 miles) from Baracoa City Center on a […]

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All Hotels in Baracoa Cuba

Looking for a Hotel in Baracoa Cuba? Below is a complete list of hotels that are actually in Baracoa. This list of Hotels in Baracoa only includes those hotels which are in the city and province, which includes: City Center, Baracoa Malecon, Playa Maguana, Playa Nibujon and Cuchillas de Toa in Baracoa Province. Booking Baracoa […]

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