Baracoa Beaches Food and Getting Here

Playa Maguana Baracoa

Despite the fascination by visitors of the natural environment and unique ecosystem of Baracoa, the beaches are easily still our best kept secret. There are too many beaches to choose from really, some totally virgin without even names. More popular beaches in the vicinity of the town are: Duaba Honey Beach and further west, Playa Maguana and Playa Nibujón.

The cuisine of the region is one of the richest in the country. Our famous poached and then fried banana and, of course, the milled corn based beef tamale wrapped in Banana leaves. Other local dishes are rich in the local produce of honey and coconut which is unique to this region of Cuba.

Cuban Tamales

Assuming you are ready to take the plunge and visit Baracoa, here are some road distances from Major Cuban cities to Baracoa:

  • Guantanamo, 152 Km
  • Santiago de Cuba, 232 km
  • Holguin, 250 km
  • Havana, 993 Km

If you are looking to visit Baracoa by road, don’t forget our Baracoa Car Rentals or, if you’d prefer to fly, Flights to Baracoa